Super Smooth Vodka 40%

Our distillery is one of few in England that has a full distiller’s licence. This allows us to ferment and distil our own product from scratch to our highest standard.
This vodka is distilled the equivalent of 20 times using modern refluxing equipment, leaving out the undesirable flavours, then filtered through our custom made activated carbon filter. We believe our process has created one of England’s smoothest vodkas.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with your favourite mixer, but can be enjoyed neat over ice if that’s your thing.

Cherry Vodka 40%

Using our in-house 20x distilled Super Smooth Vodka as the base, we added natural sweet and sour cherry flavours to create this wonderfully moreish Cherry Vodka.

It’s not too sweet, not too sour. It’s perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with either lemonade, cola or tonic, but you do you.

Bloody Reaper Vodka 40%


This sweet and fiery delight combines our 20x distilled Super Smooth Vodka with natural Blood Orange and tincture of Carolina Reaper. We aimed to not make this too hot for the newcomer but also give a nice glow to veterans of chillies. You can tame the burn by diluting with a mixer of your choice. If you’re brave, see how long you can hold a shot in your mouth whilst swishing it around. Good luck!

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed neat for maximum heat. Or use a mixer of your choice to dial it down.

Salted Caramel Vodka 40%

This medium-sweet combination of our 20x distilled Super Smooth Vodka and natural Salted Caramel flavour makes for an easy drinking tipple. Sip over ice or add your favourite mixer. Or even Irish up your coffee! It’s so flexible that it’s worth keeping handy for cocktails too.

Serving suggestion: Enjoy over ice, with tonic, with lemonade, or even in coffee. The options are endless!

Banoffee Vodka 40%

Our sweetest flavoured vodka yet, using natural banana and toffee flavour in our 20x distilled Super Smooth Vodka. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the one to go for!

Serving suggestion: Enjoy with tonic to balance the sweetness or go for full fat lemonade for a super sweet experience. Also great in coffee!


Dry Gin 45%

This gin is made with a modest selection of botanicals with the single aim of being an easy drinking tipple that’s not quite as dry as the London Dry counterparts. Not too sweet, not too bitter, it carries a mild floral aroma with a spicy citrus flavour that is smooth all the way down.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with a dry tonic.

Blood Orange Gin 45%

Blood Orange is very popular and with a name like that we couldn’t pass it up either. It makes an excellent sweet and citrusy gin that’s very refreshing on warm sunny days, or even on days that you wished were warm and sunny.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with a dry tonic. Try with lemonade if you have a sweet tooth.


Devil’s Claw Gin 45%

We couldn’t possibly pass up using a botanical with a name like Devil’s Claw, could we? It makes an excellent gin botanical with its herbal and earthen flavour and aroma that perfectly suits itself to a medium-sweet gin.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with a dry tonic. Try with lemonade if you have a sweet tooth.

Marshmallow Gin 45%


We’ve dialled back the gin botanicals in this one to allow the marshmallow root to shine. It’s almost impossible to miss the distinctive aroma and flavour that many will remember from their childhood. This is sweet, but not sickly.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with a dry tonic. Try with lemonade if you have a sweet tooth.

Try before you buy

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