We’re what we call a forward thinking “nano” distillery, operating out of a converted outbuilding in our home village of Irchester, Northamptonshire.

With our largest still being only 100 litres, we’re definitely smaller than a micro distillery, so we feel nano distillery is more apt. The “little” in our name is even more apt since our building is only 28 square meters! We think we might just be the smallest fully licensed distillery in England!

What do we mean by fully licensed? Most distilleries in England only have what’s called a “Rectifier’s Licence” which only allows them to distil other spirit they have bought. They aren’t allowed to make their own spirit from scratch. Our licenses allow us to distil anything and everything we want, from scratch, including on contract for other businesses!

Aside from the most obvious aim; making fiendishly good spirit, we aim to be one of the greenest distilleries in England. We plan to run our vehicles on the discarded ethanol from the distillation process, use EVs, and grow and source as many of our botanicals as locally as possible. We aim to be one of the first truly carbon negative distilleries in England by powering our entire facility with solar power. In the very near future we’ll be growing our own botanicals to be even greener and further reduce our carbon miles.

Please drop us a line, we will always be glad to help