Claire, Director – Claire’s career has always involved co-ordination of others. She’s been a Sales Co-ordinator and more recently a Customer Services Manager for a house builder, managing solicitors and the resale of houses. She’s perfect in her role of Director as she keeps Stewart in check and makes sure we always have ingredients to hand and the paperwork is done.
Claire loves kicking back with a good book and a G&T. Likes soppy films and loves 70s and 80s pop music, but she has a particular love of reggae and ska.

Stewart, Head Distiller – Stewart achieved qualifications in the sciences and arts and worked in the house building industry, becoming an Architectural Technologist and later an Urban Designer. In his early twenties Stewart discovered brewing and developed a passion, which later turned into an obsession for distilling.
Stewart loves playing colony simulator and survival video games. Has an interest in locomotives and aviation. He especially likes heavy metal as he says it relieves stress, though we’re not entirely sure how.

At age 35, Stewart was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger’s), but this was no surprise given Stewart had a troubled childhood, spending half of it in a children’s home. It did give a name to problems he suffers with though, and it’s also for this reason that Stewart called the business Little Devil Distillery, since he was frequently called a “Little Devil” as a child.
It’s Stewart’s wish that the distillery donates £1 for every bottle sold (about 15% of net profit) to local autism support groups and charities, to help all the other local “Little Devils” out there.